From planting seed to picking the first produce, Biobizz® are leaders in their field when it comes to eco-friendly crop cultivation. Potting soil, liquid fertilizers, substrate enhancers – they produce a huge range of 100% biological products for all kinds of plants. In fact, ever since they began in 1992, Biobizz has helped people grow successfully and organically, with no earth-hating chemicals in sight.
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Bio Bizz Acti-vera
From: £11.50
Acti·Vera has been designed to protect the immune system, increase metabolism and enhance nutrient absorption in all sorts of plants.
Bio Bizz Algamic
From: £9.95
Stress-free, happy plants generally produce larger fruits. And Alg·A·Mic™ comes to the rescue if they’ve suffered from overfeeding, deficiencies, diseases or fluctuations in temperature.
Bio Bizz Bio Bloom
From: £6.95
Hoping for exuberant flowers that lead to tasty fruits? Then this complete liquid organic fertilizer.
Bio Bizz Bio Heaven
From: £34.95
Your plants will look forward to complete, all-round nirvana with Bio·Heaven™. It contains carefully selected biological stimulants, such as amino acids
Bio Bizz Fish Mix
From: £7.45
This rich infusion of organic fish emulsion from the North Sea, mixed together with extract of Dutch sugar beet helps accelerate the growth of all living organisms in the substrate.
Bio Bizz Leaf Coat
Leaf·Coat™ is a ready-to-use product that strengthens and protects plants against unwanted insects and damaging leaf fungi.
Bio Bizz Root Juice
From: £9.95
Made entirely from vegetable ingredients and designed for organic gardening, Root·Juice™ combines two amazing natural substances: premium humic acid and seaweed.
Bio Bizz Topmax
From: £12.95
There are three excellent reasons to use this 100% organic flowering strengthener. First, it contains ingredients that can help increase the actual size and weight of the flower clusters.