Mills Nutrients started seven years ago in Amsterdam, Holland with the aim of making the best quality nutrients on the market that would be, 

1, Simple to use - no more than five bottles in a feeding regime
2, Have an organic base to ensure maximum aromas and flavours
3, Perfect blend of minerals and organics to ensure you have the yields expected from a hydroponic feed
4, Formulated for all media and substrates 
5, Contains everything you need for a superior result.

The Mills bio mineral range is the resulting feed that has achieved all them goals and more. With this superb nutrient range they have produced a feed that delivers every time with fruits and flowers that amaze growers all over the world.
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Mills A + B Nutient
From: £21.95
This is a highly concentrated Bio-Mineral base nutrient designed to bring and maintain optimal nutrition, not only in the vegetative state, but also in the blooming stages of plants.
Mills C4 Nutrient
From: £21.95
Mills C4 has been designed to assist the plants delivery of carbohydrates, macro and micro nutrients, and trace minerals to developing flowers.
Mills Start
From: £16.95
Mills Start is an incredibly complex bio - stimulant for use with seedlings, young plants throughout their vegetative stage, and at the very early stages in the blooming cycle.
Mills Ultimate PK
From: £21.95
Mills ultimate PK is a unique phosphite based bloom stimulant. Phosphite is widely used in European agriculture and is known to have a reduction effect that increases oxygen in the root zone and stimulates root growth.