Plant Magic Plus products are designed to naturally enhance the growth, development and overall health of our planets most important forms of life………Plants.

Our commitment is to provide products that will increase soil fertility, nutrition and microbial activity, bringing together many elements from nature; from beneficial fungi and bacteria to natural stimulants. Our products will ‘promote healthy plant growth’ far better than nature itself could ever hope for.

This ensures that your fruiting crops receive the correct amount of major and macro nutrients as well as ample of required trace elements that may otherwise be non existent in other conventional nutrients.

The key benefit of having a nutrient specifically for hard or soft water supply means it requires minimal ph adjustment. Adjusting pH with phosphoric acid is time consuming and will effect the balance of NPK in your nutrient solution.

Use a nutrient that WILL work with your water supply

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Plant Magic Bio Silicon
BioSilicon builds stronger cell walls to strengthen leaves and stems.
Plant Magic Coco Bloom
Plant Magic Coco Bloom is a two part feed developed to promote fast growing, healthy plants throughout the flowering stage in all Coir based mediums.
Plant Magic Coco Grow
Plant Magic Coco Grow has been developed to promote fast growing, healthy plants throughout the vegetative stage.
Plant Magic Hydro Silicon
Hydro Silicon is the reformulation of the ever so popular BioSilicon, designed with the Coco and Hydro growers in mind.
Plant Magic Magne-Cal
As the demand for Phosphorus and Potassium increases so does the demand for Magnesium and Calcium. It is vital to have the correct ratio which Magne-Cal + has.
Plant Magic Pure Clean
Prevents salt build-up to keep hydroponic systems working effectively and to maintain root zone health.
Plant Magic Soil Bloom
The Plant Magic soil range has been specially developed to promote fast growing, healthy, strong, high yielding fruit crops.
Plant Magic Soil Grow
This special blend contains humates, trace elements, Magnesium and Calcium all mixed at the correct proportions to ensure rapid, healthy growth.